For Stable Treatment of the Ankle Region

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VACOtalus Advantages at a Glance

VACOtalus Advantages at a Glance
  • Optimised combination of effective stabilisation and superb wearing comfort
  • Tangible limitation of talar shift through the Talusstrap
  • Optimised treatment of swelling since the orthosis offers space to accommodate it
  • Excellent grip around the ankle area thanks to VACO12 cushion
  • Slim design to allow it to be worn easily inside a shoe

VACOtalus Indications

VACOtalus Indications
  • Acute ankle ligament injuries
  • After-care for fractures of the ankle joint
  • Prevention of ligament lesions on the ankle joint
  • Compensation of ankle joint instability

VACOtalus Instruction for Use

VACOtalus Instruction for Use
VACOtalus is available for the left and the right foot.
Sizes: Small, left/right Large, left/right
EUR ≤ 40 ≥ 40
UK ≤ 6,5 ≥ 6,5
US (male) ≤ 7,5 ≥ 7,5
US (female) ≤ 8,5 ≥ 8,5
Please download the VACOtalus instruction for use:

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